7 Ways to Find Blog Content Inspiration

You’ve taken the next step for your website and started your business blog. You’ve already written a post about your product or service and covered the basics...and suddenly you’re staring at a blank screen.

Now what?

Writer’s block happens to everyone at some point or another, whether you’re fresh out of inspiration or you just don’t know how to translate your ideas into engaging powerful words. Your blog should be a way to connect with your audience, not an unnecessary source of stress.

Here are seven ways to think outside the box to create new, inspiring content for your company blog.



The first thing you can do is find out exactly what questions potential customers have about your product or services – and be first in line to answer them.

AnswerThePublic is an invaluable tool to give you this information, using search engine autocomplete data to tell you exactly what people are looking for based on specific keywords. For example, when you search ‘copywriter’ you see things like “why is copywriting important?” and “how copywriting can help your business”.

These questions make perfect titles for blog posts. That way, the next time someone turns to Google with their queries, you’ll be there to provide the answers they’re looking for – and to introduce them to your business at the same time.

With a free AnswerThePublic account, you get three daily searches. They also offer a range of paid plans starting at £9 per month.


Get Personal

Product or service-specific content is great – that’s what brings people to your business – but your audience needs more. They want to know about the person – or people – behind your business and connect with your company. Let your personality shine, as well as your expertise.

Why not write a blog post about the reasons why you started your business? Or if an important milestone or anniversary is coming up, mark it by reflecting on your journey so far.

If you have a team, you should pull together an interview series. Talk about each person’s role within the company, what they do on a daily basis, and what they enjoy the most about their job. But more than that, ask a few questions about their lives outside their work.


Host Guest Bloggers

Having other bloggers or business owners write a guest post for your website can be hugely beneficial for your blog. Not only can you cover other topics that your target audience will be interested in from an expert’s perspective, but you can also link the content to each other’s websites, which will improve your Google search rankings. And when they share their guest post, they’re also introducing your business to a brand new audience.

Think about services that complement what you offer, and then reach out to business owners you trust and ask them to write a blog post on a topic of their choice. They might even ask you to do the same thing – the power of collaboration!



Okay, I know how it sounds. A copywriter recommending ChatGPT seems counterproductive.

ChatGPT is by no means a replacement writer. But it can be a fantastic tool for generating new ideas.

Give it a prompt to write a blog post about your chosen topic and it can bring up ideas that you hadn’t considered before. Look at the points it generates, choose the most interesting ideas and use them as a springboard for your own research and writing.

Remember – ChatGPT doesn’t have your personality or expertise, which is what your customers are looking for. Use it as a tool, not as a writer.


Answer FAQs

No matter what service you offer, there are likely to be questions that come up time and time again when you are on calls with prospective clients.

Jot down a list of the most common queries your audience has. How easy are they to answer? It could be that a few of them are connected and so can be answered together in a blog post, but where you can try and answer each one individually. This way you are providing the detail people need to make decisions, and providing it upfront – reducing any stumbling blocks when you finally do have that conversation.


Check your social media

When in doubt, go straight to your audience. Look through comments and messages on your social media accounts for the questions that come up most frequently. Identify your most popular posts to see what topics resonate with your customers and turn them into blog posts that will bring more traffic to your website.

You can also use surveys, polls and question box features onsocial media to find out exactly what kind of content your audience want to see.


Repurpose Old Content

Finally, if you’re struggling, take a look back through your old blog posts. Which ones performed best – and are there any updates you could make to them? If you have new services, repurpose older blog posts to promote them, or tie in recent developments in your industry to explore these topics from a fresh perspective.

If a topic has been popular with your target audience before, chances are at least parts of it will still be relevant. If your opinion has changed, rework the blog post and explain why.


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Photo by BramNaus on Unsplash