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Website Copy Health Check

Get expert eyes on your copy – without a hefty price tag

What is a Website Copy Health Check?

Great question!

It’s almost as if I wrote it…

A Website Copy Health Check is an analysis of the words on your website.

It could be that…

  • You had a bash at writing your own copy years ago to get something online, and you haven’t touched it since;
  • Your services have changed, so your copy is out of date and irrelevant for your reader.
  • You never felt like your copy reflected your personality, ethos, and the value you have to offer in the first place.

Enter the Website Copy Health Check

I will personally take a look across up to 5 of your website’s most important pages, to determine where your copy looks healthy, where it needs some treatment, and which words are flatlining with your dream customer.

But you get a lot more than that.

Because knowing what’s good and what isn’t is fine…but how do you make it better?

The majority of your Health Check is spent covering actionable improvements that you can implement right away to make your copy more engaging and relevant to your target customer.

So you will walk away with the clarity and belief that your website copy is doing exactly what it’s supposed to:

Saying the right thing to the right reader to get them to take action and become your next amazing client.

How does it work?

Your Website Copy Health Check is completed in 5 easy steps…
1. Let me know you’re interested!

Fill out my contact form below and I’ll get back to you in 1-2 working days to make sure this service is the right fit for your needs and to discuss your preferred dates. Then I’ll whizz over the invoice. Once it’s paid, you’re locked into my diary.

2. Fill out the Health Check questionnaire

It will take less than 5 minutes of your time, and helps me understand what you think is and isn’t working within your website copy, plus the dream client you would love to attract to your business.

If your website has more than 5 pages, you will let me know which ones you want my eagle eyes to analyse here.

3. I complete your Health Check

After combing through your words, you will receive my report, plus an invitation to jump on a 30-minute call to discuss the findings. Your Health Check will be delivered in either PDF document or video format – your choice!

4. We go through the findings together

You can ask your burning questions, go over specific sections, or run through your new ideas. The call is structured around what you will find most helpful.

5. You walk away full of new confidence!

You understand how to ensure your words represent who you are and the transformational impact you have on your clients’ lives. But if you think you’ll need some more help to really get nail your messaging, we can discuss my website copywriting services too.

How much does it cost?

Here’s the best part!

The Website Copy Health Check has been designed to help business owners who know their words aren’t working, but they aren’t ready to get a professional to write them new ones.

So you will get professional, actionable advice that empowers you to:

  • Improve your copy immediately
  • Banish any feelings of self-doubt or shame around the words on your website
  • Feel confident that your copy represents you, your services, and the immense value you offer at last.


The written report was succinct and clear, with feedback and recommended actions. It was all very easy and quick and the info was invaluable. I’d happily recommend Emma to my best client."

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I’m in! Remind me again how I book in my Website Copy Health Check?

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