Reasons to Start a Business Blog

Why you need to start a company blog 

I know, I know. I’m using my company blog…to tell you the reasons why you should start a company blog. 

But really - a company blog is must in any successful content strategy. And not just for technical, SEO-related reasons – although, of course, these don’t hurt!

Here are my top 4 reasons why you should start a blog for your business as soon as possible

1. It positions you as an expert 

The purpose of content marketing is to provide added value for your audience. 

The beauty of a blog is that it allows you to expand on exactly what you have to offer. If your product or service has a particular benefit or USP - write a post dedicated to it. If there have been major updates in your industry, share your opinion on them. If you get asked questions about your product or service regularly, you guessed it - answer with a blog post!

This will all help your customer to see you as an industry leader.

Write about relevant, interesting subjects, and you'll be seen as an expert in your field.

2. It brings you new audiences

People may not have heard of you before - so they won't be searching your company name. Or they aren't searching for the specific keywords you target in your website copy. But they might be asking questions about your product or service. And if your blog posts cover the topics they want to know about? Likelihood is that they will stumble upon your content. 

If they like what they see, they will go to your website to learn more. They may even share your blog posts with their friends, or on social media.

Suddenly, a whole new audience has opened up for you - all from your blog posts. And this audience provides a whole new group of potential customers. 

3. It shows off your personality

Practise makes perfect - especially when it comes to writing. A blog provides a less formal platform for your work, and is an ideal place to get comfortable with your style. Give your brand personality the stage it deserves! 

Of course, you may not have time to write blogs yourself – you have a lot of plates spinning. Work with me and we’ll figure out your brand tone together. I'll make sure it comes across in every piece.

4.It's a relationship builder

The beauty of a blog is that it provides a space for your readers to leave comments. This feedback helps you understand what your audience likes to read – and what they don’t. But it also helps you to build a more personal connection.

By responding to comments, you build a relationship with your customers. Having this connection will encourage them to become your biggest advocates - and spread the word about your business!


Has this blog convinced you that it’s time to start yours? Or are you ready to put together a clear blog strategy to up your content marketing game? I’d love to help

Let’s connect and discuss how we can work together to create magnetic blog content for your audience.