Why you need to keep updating your website copy

Let’s be honest – when was the last time you updated your website copy? 

Last month? Great! 

Six months ago? That’s less great…

Over a year ago? Okay, there’s some work to do.

I get it. You have so many other things to do that updating your website drops to the bottom of your to-do list. Then falls off it completely. These things happen. But there are so many reasons that you need to keep your website up to date. If you don’t, you could slip down the search engine results, provide inaccurate information, and lose potential customers. 

Still not sure if it’s time to update your website? Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to find out.

Have your services changed?

If you change your services or your prices without updating your website, it automatically becomes much less useful. 

Imagine you’re interested in a product or service. You read lots of great information about it on a company’s website. You decide you’re ready to buy, so you get in touch with the business to finish the process. But when you speak to someone, it turns out the business stopped offering that product or service years ago. Or that the price is much higher.

What impression would that give you of the company? It wouldn’t make you think they were professional, or even trustworthy. 

Always look at your own website through your customers’ eyes.

Bonus tip! Changing what you offer can also change who those clients are. Do you need to refine your audience in line with your new products or services? If so, your website will need to be refreshed to target those people instead

Not sure where to start? You're in luck - check out my recent blog on refining your target audience.

Is your content evergreen?

When I talk about evergreen, I don’t mean content that will last forever without updates. Unfortunately, that isn’t how this works! 

What I mean here is content that doesn’t refer to a certain time or year. Let’s go onto another company’s website again for a second. You're reading their copy and see lots of references to a previous year. Or they talk about an upcoming event in April, but now it’s October…it doesn’t look great, does it?

Set yourself reminders for when this information will need to be updated.

How are you performing on Google?

Google ranks pages on many different factors – but relevant, up-to-date content is key. When you update your website content, Google scans your pages again. This doesn’t mean you’ll shoot to the top of page one, but it does help Google give your website more authority. All because you are consistently producing new content for your audience.

Do you want to save time in the long run?

The more up to date you keep your content, the less of a headache you will have long-term. It’s easy to push small updates off, but they add up to a lot of work. This work will take you away from the other tasks you need to complete – and from your clients.


How did you get on? I hope you answered each question honestly!

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that it’s time to stop putting off those pesky website updates. Or is it time for a complete content overhaul?

Let me help with that. I offer website copywriting services to create shiny new pages to promote your product or service the way it deserves. 

Or if you already have some great content - that just needs a bit of an update - I offer a content refresh service from £100 per page. 

Lets connect and get your website working better for you – and your audience.